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    Our company adheres to the highest compliance standards, not only meeting legal requirements but also following the established code of ethical business conduct. Acting on behalf of the company, all Lagopharm employees maintain a strictly professional approach and adhere to all legal requirements, the company’s internal policies, and the rules established in the professional community.

    We conduct comprehensive due diligence reviews of all our contractors and refuse to interact with persons who fail to follow legal requirements or established ethical standards. Lagopharm maintains a policy of zero tolerance towards corruption and requires all its business partners to follow the same principles. Our relationship with our existing contractors is built on mutual trust and respect.

    All of Lagopharm’s interactions with healthcare professionals are carried out within the limits of the law. We follow all the rules of ethical marketing and aim to provide the public with up-to-date information on our products.

    The company has taken all the measures necessary for preventing compliance violations of any kind, including a strict prohibition of any acts of a corrupt nature.