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    Lagopharm’s services far surpass a typical distributor offering and are unmatched in Russia

    Typical distributor

    • Focus on overall portfolio sales across multiple manufacturers, with limited focus on brands specifically and resources spread across multiple companies and products
    • Employ existing field force across multiple promoted products with typically limited success
    • Use less experienced marketing specialists across a distributor’s overall portfolio, with relatively little attention to any particular drug
    • Have very little experience with e-marketing tools, with field force typically not visiting physicians; doctor targeting not developed and not used in current practice
    • Core expertise in distribution and logistics
    • Incentivized to show results across the whole, multi-company portfolio with focus on larger drugs


    • Focus on promotion of selected brands by highly professional field force and experienced product management team, with requisite resources to ensure sales target performance
    • Leverage specialized field force focused specifically on selected brand
    • Use a dedicated, professional product manager to conduct promotional activities and brand planning
    • Driven to holistically approach prioritized stakeholders, i.e., high prescribing physicians approached via KAMs, messages in journals and e-marketing tools
    • Core expertise in sales & marketing functions
    • Strongly motivated and incentivized to deliver excellent results for selected brands