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    product Alvogen

    Alvogen – global pharmaceutical company, with offices in 35 countries, focused on development, manufacturing, and commercialization of a large and diverse product portfolio, including generics, branded medicines, OTC, and biosimilars.

    product Almirall

    Almirall – a leading Spanish pharmaceutical company specializing in dermatology.  It actively invests in development of new, safe, and effective medicines for patients in 70 countries on five continents.

    product Karo Pharma

    Karo Pharma – a leading Nordic pharmaceutical company that develops and commercializes a broad portfolio of OTC and Rx products in different therapeutic areas. Karo Pharma’s products are sold in more than 60 different countries worldwide.

    product Ai Mediq

    Ai Mediq is a Luxembourg-based ground-breaking medical technology company that develops novel non-invasive therapeutic solutions leveraging positive treatment effects of high altitude (hypoxic) exposure, medical devices for Intermittent Hypoxic Treatment, and medical software algorithms for its personalization.  It is the first company in the world which commercialized the idea of using physiological effects of adaptation to short term episodes of hypoxia for clinical treatment purposes.