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    The marketing department of Lagopharm is represented by a strong professional team with extensive experience in various therapeutic areas and promotion channels - from OTC medicines, dietary supplements to prescription and hospital medicines and medical products.


    We use our experience and knowledge, together with the most modern approaches and promotion technologies, to solve any problems.

    We identify needs and set goals

    We conduct a competitive analysis

    We develop a strategy

    We offer solutions and tools to achieve the goal

    We analyze the results on-line

    We promptly and quickly respond to any changes and adjust the course if necessary


    We use all the necessary and effective instruments: promotion among healthcare professionals, trade marketing activities and online promotion. The main format for promoting the company's products is Internet marketing, which includes instruments such as:

    Contextual advertising

    Targeted advertising

    Display advertising




    SEO promotion

    Collaboration with bloggers

    Conducting promotions and contests


    Selection of the optimal way to solve a specific problem

    Tracking work results 24/7

    Creative approach to the development of each ad

    Interaction with the consumer at every stage of making a purchase decision

    High expertise in business analytics

    Preparation of reliable forecasts

    Cost-effectiveness analysis

    Professional team for each project