Dietary supplement designed to fill the lack of vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids of the omega-3 family in women in the following conditions: pregnancy planning, pregnancy and lactation, insufficient and unbalanced nutrition, intense mental and physical stress, period of antibiotic therapy, recovery period after illnesses, prolonged use of oral contraceptives.


Natural non-hormonal product without phytoestrogenic activity, created from plant pollen cytoplasm extract, with vitamin E, and based on unique biotechnology. Designed to relieve menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, sweating, fatigue, irritability, sleep disorders, others), as well as effectively alleviate PMS symptoms (irritability, swelling, soreness of mammary glands, depression, others).

Locobase Lipocream

High lipid moisturizing cosmetic product specially developed by the pharmaceutical company and intended for effective skin care. Indications: effective remedy for dry and very dry skin; skin protection and prevention from drying out and peeling; intensive care for dry, sensitive, and irritated skin; supportive and prophylactic agent for problem skin care; skin care and recovery after withdrawal of active medications.

Locobase Repair

Developed by dermatologists, an emollient (emollient and moisturizer) for very dry skin, helping to restore the functions of the skin barrier and providing a quick and lasting moisturizing effect. It is recommended as a restorative and moisturizing agent for skin conditions accompanied by dryness and damage to the skin barrier, including dry skin caused by environmental factors (dry air, frost, wind, working with water, aggressive detergents), and other skin conditions.